Monday, April 6, 2009


CashCrate is a company that Pays You every month to complete surveys, join free websites and more.

I like CashCrate because Its 100% Free to Join and Most of the offers are Free! (I myself Only do the free offers) Another reason I like CashCrate is they also Pay a Referral Commission You will earn 20% off anyone you refer and earn another 10% of what their referrals make.


1. Download a program called RoboForm (Robo Form Download) RoboForm will fill out your whole survey for you with one click! So it is a must have timesaver.

2. After EVERY survey completed it is a good idea to clear all your cookies. Doing this will allow you to complete other surveys from the same company.

3. Before you signup for CashCrate you should create a dummy e-mail address at either yahoo, or google (these are also free to create) because you will receive a bunch of junk mail!!! But make sure you check your mail in this dummy account because some offers require that you verify your e-mail address to get PAID!!!

4. Change your dummy e-mail address Every Month!

Also use your Real name and address since the address you give is the one where they will be sending your checks.